Harriet Atkins. director of AimeeA. Manchester based florist & event designer 

"I have always been passionate bout making spaces beautiful - environment is hugely important to me and yet so often taken for granted.

I love developing the client's ideas, turning their event into a beautiful environment to suit the occasion & then seeing the reaction when they see those ideas become reality 

When i was younger, i alway had to have a tidy desk and a candle on to truly be productive when studying. Now, i have to make my studio space look like a lovely instagram shot before i can sit down to create - it brings out the best in me! I believe you can change the way a person experiences any event by first creating a beautiful space."

In 2016, Harriet Studied at the Covent Garden Academy of Flowers and immersered herself in all things floral.

"Some of the most lovely things about working with flowers are that takes you outside, expands your knowledge of the natural world around you by opening your eyes to consider a that random hedge you go past every day as having potential for a beautiful arrangement or garland, and can hit 4 out of the 5 senses all at once."